Figuring out what to do


I’m sat here trying to do some planning around my career move and job hunting wondering what I want and should be doing creatively that could possibly support me in this time of unemployment. I’m over 40 applications in and whilst I’ve had a few interviews it’s not been successful so far, this has got me thinking again about ways my writing could support me.

There is really only one path and that’s with freelance work, I don’t have an audience big enough to support me via memberships or a patreon. The Patreon has been a complete failure each time I’ve tried and for a membership I’d most likely be paying more to the membership program, than I would get from members. My most successful support program has been via Ko-Fi and I appreciate everyone that has supported me with donations - it helped pay for hosting my site with Wordpress over the last year, without it most probably would have let the blog go to be honest but I’m so thankful for those that like what I write and help to support me in this endeavour. Now more than every it’s making a difference to me.

This is more of a personal post, a rambling really to let everyone know where my head is at.